As a communications design major at Hongik University, she worked as a graphic designer to show performance designs filled with messages. Her works are number and alphabet symbol motif, where she integrates them with different stories. By studying and combining what symbols contain, how we perceive them, and what each and every one of them signifies, she is trying to show the new meaning when they are expressed differently.

Jeong Su Kim 

She is a pattern designer who studied painting at Kookmin University. While she was working at Handsome and Cheil Industries after she graduated, she took a long trip to the UK, where she was inspired to design various pattern works using silk screen in her little workroom at the bottom of Mt. Namsan.

Park JungEun, Illustrator OFFICAIL SITE :

Currently working as an illustrator, she studied illustration at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in the UK and ever since then, she has been presenting her works through print media including magazines and novels. She is particularly trying to pay more attention towards the environment such as the animals and plants.

Yun YeJi, Illustrator OFFICAIL SITE :

Yun Yeji is working back and forth in London and Seoul and she is working in and abroad Korea including her most recent jobs at Laneige Cosmetics and her collaboration with GRANIPH T-shirt in Japan


Lee Goeun resides in Korea and is actively producing her works in various media including books, posters, magazines, murals, packages. She enjoys painting her thoughts and stories she gained while walking, seeing and feeling. She believes stories can be told through simple drawings.


Lee Nuri was born in Korea and raised in Paris. Currently she is working in many different fields including illustration, collage and graphic designs through collaborations with many magazines and brands. Her drawings are unique in that they are sensitive and delicate.

Lee EunKyung 

Lee Eunkyung studied industrial design in college and she joined Ten by Ten, where she worked as its brand product designer. Mostly she is in charge of stationary products. Other than that, she also manages brand brochures and concept graphic works. Lee Eunkyung, who gets her inspiration from working with others and sharing opinions hopes to pursue a communicative design and not just a design for sales.

Ivory Yeunmi Lee OFFICAIL SITE :

Born in Korea and raised in Los Angeles, her motif is gardens with trees and different mysterious animals. Ever since her first private exhibition held in 2005 after her postgraduate studies, the painting major held a total of four private exhibitions in Seoul, Tokyo and Los Angeles and she is actively participating in many group exhibitions in and abroad. She is also an illustrator in fields including, novels, children's books and fashion.

Jessica Haejeon Lee, Illustrator OFFICAIL SITE :

She was born in Korea and raised in the United States, Australia and Korea. She studied visual arts in Parsons The New Schools for Design and her illustrations encompass dark and witty stories with her mixed sensibilities of multicultural background. She is leading an active life as a designer collaborating with publishers, poster and fashion brands in Brooklyn, New York.


Jeong Noeul is a graphic designer with a distinct personality who studied multimedia in college. She is working as a designer at Found Magazine and is showing her witty works beyond illustration and collage.


With a fine arts degree, she took an animation directing program at the KAFA (Korean Academy of Film Arts). Since her graduation project, "My Little Doll Box" was invited to one of the four biggest animation festivals, Hiroshima International Animation Festival, her short animation film, 'Dust Kid' made its first debut at Cannes 2009 Directors Fortnight Competition. Ever since then, the animation was played in 70 different film festivals around the world. Currently, she is actively leading her life as an animation, novel and children's books illustrator.